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Who should be your beneficiaries?

When you're planning your estate in Pennsylvania, it's important to designate beneficiaries for certain financial assets like savings accounts and retirement funds. The person listed as the beneficiary overrides whatever you stated in your will. Therefore, it's...

Buying a car? Don’t get a deadly model

You want to be safe on the roads, which is why you’re looking for a vehicle that is safer than others. Many vehicles have great safety ratings and aren’t involved in a lot of collisions. However, there are some that are in more crashes than others. Those deadly cars...

The hazards of distribution center jobs

People who work in distribution centers and warehouses such as those operated by Wal-Mart and Amazon are at risk for numerous types of workplace injuries. Although injured employees can turn to workers’ compensation to manage the financial losses associated with...

Safety tips for office workers

Working in an office may appear safe, comfortable and mundane. You probably do not think of your workplace as hazardous like you would a construction site or factory. However, office spaces have their own risks of occupational injuries. Just because you do not work in...