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Some common estate planning myths debunked

During these trying times, we are reminded on a daily basis of our mortality. This why estate planning has become such a hot topic. And, in light of this renewed interest, this blog will dispel three common estate planning myths. Only an attorney can draft estate...

Why don’t people do estate planning?

You may have heard that most people don’t have an estate plan. It’s true. The majority of Americans have no plan in place for when they pass away. In trying to understand this phenomenon, where everyone knows they will eventually need a plan but most people (55% don’t...

New vehicle combines a motorcycle and a car

Realistically, most people drive without passengers. How many people do you have commuting to work in five-passenger cars and SUVs with literally only the driver’s seat occupied? It’s a big reason that some cities have such a problem with traffic congestion.  One...