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Is the truck driver or trucking company responsible for a victim’s injuries in a truck crash?

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2024 | blog, Personal injury

Truck crashes can cause catastrophic injuries due to the size and weight of these commercial vehicles. When a collision occurs, injured parties often wonder who is at fault and responsible for their injuries and damages.

How do you determine if the truck driver or trucking company is responsible for your injuries?

The truck driver’s role

If the truck driver acts negligently by speeding, driving distracted, failing to inspect equipment, disregarding traffic signals or violating other safety regulations, they can be liable for any resulting injuries and property damage. For example, a driver who continues driving beyond hour-of-service restrictions and falsifies a log book to turn a load around faster could be at fault for an accident. Truck drivers have a legal duty to operate their trucks with reasonable care to avoid harming others on the roadway. Violating this duty exposes them to liability claims.

The trucking company’s responsibilities

Although the driver is behind the wheel, the trucking company may also share in liability. Trucking companies must train drivers, adhere to hour-of-service regulations, conduct vehicle maintenance and establish safety protocols. If a trucking company fails to address known shortcomings that relate to a crash, plaintiffs can include the company as a defendant alongside the driver.

With more than 523,000 accidents involving large trucks in 2021, drivers on the road should understand the potential liabilities for both truck drivers and the trucking companies involved. Both parties can be accountable for an accident if an injured claimant can prove negligent conduct that caused foreseeable harm.