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Can you get workers' comp for a car accident?

Car accidents occur under a number of different circumstances every day. In 2017, an average of 351 car crashes occurred every single day in Pennsylvania. Many of these collisions occurred while people were on the way to work. 

When people drive to, from or during work, they may wonder if workers' comp will cover damages incurred. This area of the law can be tricky, but there are cases where a car accident does receive coverage under workers' comp

Is your construction accident eligible for a third-party claim?

The construction industry is unsurprisingly dangerous to work in, with one of the highest fatality rates. If you are new to the industry, your risk of getting into an accident is greatest your first year on the job, shares Industrial Safety and Hygiene News, and falls tend to be the leading cause of death.

Whenever you get hurt at work, you can file for workers' compensation, even if you are at fault for the accident. However, what if neither you nor your employer was responsible? You can still qualify for workers' compensation if the injury is from work, and you can sue the party responsible for the accident. In construction, other parties commonly at fault include manufacturers, contractors and motorists.

When you don't want long-term care to deplete your assets

Your grandparents lived well into their nineties, and so did your parents, and as a healthy senior, you have expectations to do the same. Your children may not be in the best position to take care of you, though, and you do not want to be a burden if you suffer mobility or other health issues that run in your family. On the other hand, if you need long-term care once you reach your early eighties, it may take all your assets to cover your expenses for a decade. 

Medicaid does cover many of the costs of living in a nursing home, but there is a maximum amount of assets and income allowable. As long as you make more than that amount, you will have to pay for your expenses yourself. Fortunately, you have estate planning options that will not deplete your family's inheritance.

3 key ways to respond after a car accident in the Keystone State

With driving such a prevalent part of everyday life, chances of getting into an accident are very real. In 2016, about 15 motor vehicle collisions happened every hour according to statistics from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. These crashes involved 1 out of every 43 Pennsylvanians, with 1 out of every 154 people sustaining injuries.

The data only includes accidents that people reported, so the numbers may be even higher. Despite the risk, most drivers do not think twice before hitting the road.

Should you take a settlement after an accident with injuries?

When a serious motor vehicle accident happens, responsibility often falls on the victim's family members to settle financial matters. Responsibilities can include paying for medical treatment, coordinating vehicle repairs and speaking with the insurance company. Between juggling these tasks, they might get a difficult offer to refuse.

After a serious accident, the insurance company may call and offer a settlement. It is in their best interest to settle matters quickly with a low ball offer. Between growing medical bills and missed wages at work, a settlement will look very appealing. So how can someone in this situation know that the settlement is fair?


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