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Residential Real Estate: Where Legal Concerns Hit Home

While home ownership or rental can bring a great deal of stability and comfort, the process of buying or selling your home can be stressful. From creating legal documentation to ensuring that the terms of agreements are upheld, real estate transactions can be as emotionally stressful as they are financially complex. However, working with an experienced attorney can help make this process easier.

At Gieg & Jancula, LLC, we will work with you to ensure that your real estate transactions proceed as smoothly as possible. Our firm has served the people of Altoona and the surrounding area for decades, and we will work with you to ensure that your contracts are sound and that you are prepared for the future.

The Legal Challenges Of Real Estate

Whether you are buying or selling real estate, there are a number of concerns that can arise at any point in the process. Some of the many problems that you may face when buying or selling residential real estate include:

  • Difference between the good faith estimate and the information on the HUD-1 form you receive before closing
  • Issues with improper documentation including improperly signed paperwork or previous owners remaining on the property title
  • Undisclosed issues that the previous owner was aware of, like water damage or a faulty heating system
  • The other property not upholding the terms of the sale – failing to repair issues that they had agreed to repair before closing, for example

These concerns may be top of mind when selling or purchasing a home, but they can also arise when buying or selling a vacation home or even rental property. When these concerns occur, it can be helpful to have an attorney by your side to draft a demand letter to the responsible party, negotiate the issue through mediation or file a lawsuit.

Because many of the documents required for real estate are complex, working with an attorney could help you navigate all parts of your real estate transaction. From reviewing and revising lease agreements or mortgage, title and closing documents to ensuring that the other party upholds their agreement, we will protect your interests and work to create the best solutions for you.

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