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After A Car Accident: How To Recover

Recovering from an auto accident is not only a matter of willpower, as you are surely learning having suffered injuries this way. Your body needs time to heal. You may need physical therapy. Rehabilitation may take a long time as you get used to living with disabilities you are left with after a car accident. An experienced attorney on your side throughout the recovery process can help ensure you have every opportunity to claim compensation for your injuries and losses from all appropriate sources. 

Our Personal Injury Law Firm Is Here To Help And Advise You

Do you have a valid injury claim? Will you need to file a lawsuit to recover the compensation you are eligible for? Gieg & Jancula, LLC is here to help you find answers to these and other important questions. Our law firm in Altoona, Pennsylvania, offers advice on how to recover well after an auto accident. What follows are some of our most important tips for new clients who have been injured in car crashes.

One: Get quality medical care as soon as possible. Follow doctors’ orders after the emergency medical care and treatments such as surgery have concluded. Proving that you are doing all you can to help yourself may be important as you prepare to file an injury claim or lawsuit.

Two: Do all that you can to contribute to the investigation. Your personal injury attorney will be working to determine the causes of the accident. Any evidence you can contribute to, such as photos, doctor bills or contact information for eyewitnesses, can speed up the investigation and help your lawyers move forward to filing an injury claim or lawsuit on your behalf.

Three: Refrain from discussing your accident or injuries in detail on Facebook or through any social media platform. You may be tempted to share with people who care about you but the less you say until your case has concluded, the better. Your posts on social media may find their way into the hands of your legal opponents who may use your commentaries against you.

Four: Be patient as well as involved in your case. Stay in close touch with your auto accident attorney. A favorable verdict or settlement is very often accomplished through detailed investigations and legal processes that take time. Keep yourself informed so you will be ready to make an informed decision if you receive a settlement offer and have to decide whether to accept it or take your chances before a judge and/or jury.

Five: Explore other options besides a lawsuit for recovering financially. If you were injured while driving to work, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits as well as any proceeds from a third-party liability personal injury claim or lawsuit. If your injuries were serious, you may qualify to receive Social Security Disability. At Gieg & Jancula, LLC, we evaluate car accidents on a case-by-case basis and recommend the most promising course of action for recovery of maximum compensation from all sources.

What To Do After A Crash: Get Medical Treatment And Contact An Attorney

Gieg & Jancula, LLC welcomes the opportunity to personalize our advice to you after a car accident. Call 814-204-1274, or contact us by email to schedule a free consultation with an Altoona, Pennsylvania, lawyer.