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Will Your Will And Trusts Achieve Your Estate Planning Goals?

A thoughtful review of your estate planning goals and documents so far with a knowledgeable attorney can help clarify the next necessary steps such as:


  • Drafting a new will — perhaps your first one ever or a new will after a marriage or the birth of your children
  • Reviewing an existing will to determine what to keep and what to change when you put a new one in place
  • Updating your will to suit your assets, legacy goals and life circumstances
  • Incorporating one or more trusts into your will or creating trusts by use of stand-alone documents

A will is a powerful legal tool that can help you plan, give you peace of mind and simplify the probate process for your family members after you have passed away.

What Type Of Will Do You Need To Achieve Your Objectives?

Depending on several variables, you may elect to update or create a:

  • Simple will
  • Complex will, including one or more trusts
  • Special needs trust (for an adult disabled child, for example)

We have extensive experience in these and other estate planning and probate matters. We are ready to help you create an estate plan that makes sense for you.

Advising On Legal Matters Often Called Elder Law Issues

You may wish to discuss other concerns with an estate planning attorney such as when to start collecting Social Security, how to plan for Medicaid eligibility if you need it someday, how to manage assets in the event you need to enter a nursing home someday and other elder law matters. At Gieg & Jancula, LLC, we do not claim to be elder law attorneys, but we often advise clients on matters such as nursing home contracts that fall under the elder law umbrella.

Talk To An Altoona, Pennsylvania, Lawyer About Wills, Trusts And More

You may reach us at Gieg & Jancula, LLC by calling 814-204-1274 or sending an email inquiry. Schedule a consultation to discuss wills and trusts and what they may mean to your family.