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Ensuring That You Receive The Payment You Are Due

Unpaid debts are a challenge for any business. They can impact your bottom line, keep you from being able to maintain your daily operations and even prevent you from paying your own debts. Being paid by your clients or customers is essential to your business’s continued operation.

Do you need assistance with your collections or accounts receivable work? Working with an experienced attorney can help you receive the payment you are due and keep your business running smoothly. Gieg & Jancula, LLC has more than seven decades of experience serving the people and businesses of Altoona and the surrounding area. Together we can explore your options and protect your business.

Legal Solutions For Collections And Accounts Receivable

At Gieg & Jancula, LLC, we will help you develop a debt collection strategy and explore your options. We can write demand letters for you, help you decide whether to take the matter to court or hire a collections agency, defend your interests and help you get the payment you are due. Not only will we guide you through the options available to you, we can also ensure that your strategies adhere with the relevant laws and help minimize the impact that the cost of debt collection will have on your bottom line.

Contact Us For Collections Assistance

If you need legal assistance with debt collection in your business? Contact Gieg & Jancula, LLC by phone at 814-204-1274, or contact us online to schedule your first consultation.