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Is your construction accident eligible for a third-party claim?

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2018 | Firm News

The construction industry is unsurprisingly dangerous to work in, with one of the highest fatality rates. If you are new to the industry, your risk of getting into an accident is greatest your first year on the job, shares Industrial Safety and Hygiene News, and falls tend to be the leading cause of death.

Whenever you get hurt at work, you can file for workers’ compensation, even if you are at fault for the accident. However, what if neither you nor your employer was responsible? You can still qualify for workers’ compensation if the injury is from work, and you can sue the party responsible for the accident. In construction, other parties commonly at fault include manufacturers, contractors and motorists.


As a construction worker, you use a lot of equipment, most of which is supposed to make your job easier and safer. However, if the manufacturer made a defective product or did not provide proper warnings, then the company can be legally responsible for your bodily harm and financial consequences. Examples of faulty products include scaffolding, power tools and machinery. Work materials may also unknowingly expose you to toxic substances.


Many entities collaborate to complete construction projects. An outside contractor with whom you are working may violate safety standards, putting you in harm’s way. Likewise, property owners may also create a hazardous environment that could lead to accident and injury. Anyone who is not your employer and acts negligently you can sue for damages.


If you work in road construction, or even just near a road, you also face dangerous drivers. Motorists who are drunk, speeding or distracted can crash into you at a worksite or in a construction vehicle. Many drivers do not know how to drive within construction zones either, even if you have taken all necessary safety precautions to be visible and direct motorists.