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Are motorcyclists treated fairly in auto accident claims?

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2021 | Personal injury

Motorcycles may be a preferred mode of transportation for some Pennsylvania residents, but motorcyclists are not always treated fairly when they are involved in auto accident claims. Even though many accidents involving motorcycles occur because of vehicle driver negligence, motorcyclists, even as the victims, can be presumed to hold responsibility for their injuries. This post will explore what motorcyclists can do when they are involved in accidents with other vehicles, and how having dedicated personal injury representation can help them protect their rights. All readers are reminded, though, that this post does not provide any legal advice.

A recent Pennsylvania-based case study

Recently, a fatal accident occurred between a motorcyclist and automobile driver. The motorcyclist was a 19-year-old man who was driving one direct on a road. The driver was a 90-year-old man driving in the opposite direction.

Based on these basic facts, a reader may make the erroneous assumption that the young motorcyclist engaged in some sort of negligent behavior that caused his motorcycle to crash with the vehicle of the other driver. However, a review of additional facts regarding the case shows that the 90-year-old driver crossed the middle like of the road and wrongfully struck the motorcyclist. The motorcyclist was wearing a helmet and despite his apparent adherence to the law, he was the one who sustained fatal injuries and died because of the crash.

Addressing potential biases and prejudices against motorcyclists

One reason that some drivers may have biased opinions about motorcyclists that can impact their legal cases is that they are not familiar with them. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, motorcycles make up a small fraction of the vehicles on American roads, but motorcyclists constitute a large percentage of roadway accident victims. Drivers often do not expect to see motorcycles on the roads with them, and when they do they be surprised by their presence and nervous to operate around them.

Driver discomfort with motorcycles, their functionality, and their size all can cause drivers to misunderstand motorcycles and their riders. This can cause individuals to make bad assumptions about how accidents involving motorcycles were caused. Though motorcyclists do cause accidents, many times they are the victims of wrongful and negligent driving actions.

An accident can be a devastating event in the life of a rider who has done nothing wrong while on their motorcycle. They may face an uphill battle to recover from their injuries and get their life back on track. There are no guarantees in the law, but injured motorcyclists can seek counsel from trusted personal injury lawyers for support with their possible legal claims.