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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What advantage is there for my business to use an attorney to collect debts?
A. Very often, our clients have sent request after request regarding unpaid invoices to their customers with no results. However, when these same customers see an attorney's letterhead, they realize that the business is not going to back off; and in fact, is serious enough to hire an attorney which could ultimately result in court costs to the delinquent customer in addition to the unpaid bill. Therefore, our clients achieve results without the necessity of going to court in most cases. Those instances when it is necessary, we have the knowledge to see that the correct steps are followed along the way to achieve the desired result in court.

Criminal Law

Q. Why should I hire a private attorney to represent me in a criminal matter rather than a public defender?


Q. When someone in my family dies, why do I need an attorney to probate a Will?
Q. Just how much is inheritance tax?

Personal Injury

Q. What are the fees required to hire an attorney to handle a personal injury case?

Real Estate

Q. Why do I need an attorney to represent me when I am selling a house?
Q. What happens if I misplace the deed to my house?
Q. Is it necessary to have a title search when I purchase a home even if I know the people who owned it were good, financially stable people?

Social Security

Q. What is the process in filing a Social Security claim and what does the attorney do and charge for his services?


Q. Why do I need an attorney to write a Will for me when I am not wealthy or own a business or have a large estate?

Worker's Compensation

Q. How can I file a claim for Worker's Compensation and what are the fees if I hire an attorney?