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Could the Margaret Avenue streetscape project reduce traffic accidents?

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2023 | Personal injury

The streets of Altoona, PA, can be dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists, but proposed improvements to Margaret Avenue aim to change that.

The Metropolitan Planning Organization has approved a $920,000 streetscape project that will improve the street and might make travel safer.

What does the project include?

The project, which will begin in the fall of 2023 or spring of 2024, will transform Margaret Avenue into a “corridor” between downtown and the former Bon Secours complex.

Improvements will include:

  • Curbs and sidewalks
  • Crosswalks with warning flashers
  • LED street lamps
  • Bike lanes
  • Bike-safe storm drains

Workers will also widen and resurface the street for easier and safer travel.

Will the project reduce traffic accidents?

Many of the planned improvements focus on pedestrian and cyclist safety.

Most pedestrian collisions occur at intersections. Marking crosswalks with signs and warning flashers should reduce the likelihood of accidents, especially at the intersection of Margaret Avenue and 17th Street. Improving sidewalks might also reduce the likelihood of drivers hitting pedestrians in the roadway.

Cyclists might enjoy a safer experience as well. Painted bike lanes will give cyclists their own space, allowing them to travel at their own speed while being more visible to motorists. This could reduce the occurrence of accidents involving cyclists.

Other improvements, such as brighter street lights and resurfacing of the road, could offer increased safety and a lower risk of accidents for all travelers.

After the completion of the Margaret Avenue project in 2024, pedestrians and cyclists may feel more at ease traveling on the busy street.