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How new technology is making motorcycles safer

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2021 | Personal injury

As the weather slowly gets warmer in Pennsylvania, people will be taking advantage of the weather to get outside. One part of the warmer weather that many people look forward to is being able to take their motorcycles out for a ride. People enjoy the sense of freedom motorcycles provide. They can also be a cheaper way to travel as they use much less gas and can be cheaper to maintain. So, motorists will start seeing more and more motorcycles on the roads soon.

As there will be more motorcycles on the roads, it is important that the other motorists really pay attention and look for them when driving. Some of the reasons that make motorcycles so fun to ride also make them more dangerous when they are involved in motorcycle accidents. In general motorcycles provide very little protection to the riders especially compared to the other vehicles on the road. When motorcyclists are involved in accidents the rider can suffer severe injuries as a result. However, there have been recent technological advances that are making the ride safer.

New safety features for motorcycles

Below are some of the new safety advancements:

  • Airbags – some models now have airbags as part of the motorcycle itself, but there are also jackets and vests which contained airbags as well.
  • Helmets – some helmets have Bluetooth capabilities to allow people to connect to their phones for navigation or communication with other riders. There is also new AR technology which will have navigation, rear view mirrors built in and even allow for 360 degree views of the road to see blind spots.
  • Brakes – there is now ABS for motorcycles to prevent the front wheel from locking when trying to stop quickly. This can prevent the bike from overturning or sliding.
  • Windshields – there is technology for windshields which allows one’s phone to project in the lower corner of the windshield. This can be helpful for GPS or for incoming calls to help prevent people from needing to take their eyes off the road.
  • Bike to vehicle communication – this technology gathers information such as road conditions, braking, speed and other information and sends it to other vehicles or bikes to alert them of certain dangers.

Some of the dangers for motorcycle riders in Pennsylvania can be reduced through this new technology. However, some of the dangers will still remain such as the actions of other drivers on the roads. Motorcycle accidents can be devastating both physically and financially. It is important that all riders and the other motorists drive safely, know their surroundings and avoid distractions when on the road to keep everyone safe.