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Truckers violate safety regulations during week focused on safety

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2020 | Personal injury

Not all motor vehicle accidents are the same. In fact, those that involve semi-trucks are often much more serious. This is because the weight of these vehicles causes them to devastate other vehicles they collide with, oftentimes leaving unsuspecting motorists seriously injured. While there are a number of federal regulations in place that are meant to ensure safe trucking practices, the fact of the matter is that far too often truckers violate these regulations and the law.

Trucker violate safety regulations during Operation Safe Driver Week

July’s Safe Driver Week seeks to raise awareness of the dangers of unsafe driving practices and ensure that motorists are doing everything they can to protect themselves and others. Yet, during that week truckers were issued more than 10,000 citations and warnings for various violations. Chief amongst them was speeding, but other violations included texting and driving, failing to abide by traffic signals, and changing lanes inappropriately. Although passenger vehicle drivers were cited at a higher frequency, these actions taken by truckers clearly can put others at risk.

These actions can devastate the lives of others

Even a seemingly minor traffic violation on the part of a trucker can ruin the lives of numerous individuals. Many truck accident victims are left with devastating injuries, and some of them are catastrophic, effecting a victim’s brain and/or spinal cord. These individuals can be left with the need for extensive medical care and rehabilitation, they can lose significant wages due to missed work and an inability to work moving forward, and the emotional and physical pain can be overwhelming.

Help is available

Fortunately, truck accident victims can find help in their endeavor to find accountability and recover compensation. Personal injury attorneys know how to use evidence of safety violations to their clients’ advantage so that those victims can increase their chances of securing a positive outcome and successfully moving on with their lives. In other words, truck accident victims don’t have to face their losses alone.