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Pedestrians and drivers should be cautious to avoid collisions

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2020 | Personal injury

As a pedestrian, you’ve had a few close calls. Once, you were crossing the street at an intersection when a vehicle turning right nearly ran straight into you. Another time, a driver failed to stop before the crosswalk and you ended up jumping out of the way just in time.

It is shocking to you how often drivers aren’t cautious around pedestrians and how close you’ve come to serious injuries in the past. Even though you did everything you could to be cautious, these drivers put your life at risk.

Pennsylvania is straightforward about what it expects from drivers and pedestrians

The state is straightforward about keeping drivers and pedestrians safe. For example, drivers aren’t required to yield until you’re in the crosswalk, so don’t think that you have the right of way if you haven’t started into the roadway yet. Similarly, you need to yield to vehicles if you’re not crossing at a crosswalk.

Drivers approaching a crosswalk do need to be cautious. If a vehicle in front of them stops for a pedestrian, they may not go around it. It is illegal for a driver to pass any vehicle stopped before a crosswalk.

You should also know that it’s illegal for pedestrians to walk in the roadway other than to cross. If there are sidewalks present, you should use them.

The rules of the road are made to be fair and to protect those who are among the most vulnerable. Our website has more information on what you should do if you get into a pedestrian accident because of a driver’s negligence.