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Were you involved in an accident in a company car?

There are many benefits of driving a company vehicle. You don't have to pay for gas or maintenance, there are no concerns about the number of miles you drive, and wear and tear doesn't bother you.

If you're involved in an accident in a company car, there are steps you can take to protect your legal rights in Pennsylvania and obtain the compensation you deserve.

Here are a few things you need to know:

  • Don't hide the accident from your employer: If you've been part of several accidents in the past, you may get the idea to do this because you don't want your employer to think you're a bad driver. However, hiding the accident will only make things worse. It's best to report an accident to your employer shortly after it happens.
  • Stick to the basics: When discussing the accident with your employer, don't say too much. Stick to the basics, such as the time of the day, where you were driving and the cause of the crash. You don't want to give your employer any reason to believe that you were partaking in activity unrelated to your job.
  • Don't drive your company car off hours: Unless your company allows you to do so, use your personal vehicle when you're not on the clock.

How to receive compensation

Your health and well-being is top priority following an accident, so call 911 to request an ambulance and police presence.

Once you receive treatment, you'll better understand your injuries and long-term prognosis.

There are three primary ways to obtain compensation after an accident in a company car:

While you expect your employer to back you during this difficult time of your life, don't assume that this will happen. They may fight back, such as by stating that your accident occurred off the clock or when you were partaking in non-work-related activity.

With three distinct ways to obtain compensation after a company car accident, there are several paths you can follow to stabilize your finances as you attempt to make a full recovery.

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